About us

Bar of Soap was founded with the goal of making great looking and smelling artisanal soaps. All of our soaps are made in small (or tiny) batches to keep them truly handmade and unique. Not a single one of our bars is the same and that is how we want it. You will always get a one of a kind Bar of Soap experience with each order.

Our bars look stunning and smell great, but they aren’t going to overwhelm your nostrils from a distance. We believe that your skin shouldn’t smell like the perfume section at a department store. A soft touch and subtle fragrance makes a great Bar of Soap.

We are truly proud of our products and have nothing to hide. We will always publish our ingredients so you don’t need to buy to see what goes into our products.

Our Guarantee
Free of animal oils
Never tested on animals
Palm oil free

All of our products are handmade in Kitchener, Ontario, by our Chief BARista, Jacob.

Bar of Soap's Chief BARista Jacob
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